Art. Fashion. Conscience.


In an increasingly mechanized world, the ultimate luxury, is something created by human hands.

This unique collection combines the beautiful artistry of hand-painting silk with modern design and well-engineered construction to fit and enhance the curves of every woman's body. First, we begin with the best white Japanese silks, French dyes and resists, and our own hand-drawn prints. We hand-draw and paint our own textiles, a process that takes sometimes more than one day. Then, through the process of steam fixing, we turn the fabric into something that you can confidently wear and enjoy through the years.

Every inch of art fabric is hand-painted with silk dyes and fine watercolor brushes by me, in my Philadelphia studio.

After this artisanal process to the material, we turn it into gorgeous, beautifully constructed garments. Our menswear background inspires the pain-staking attention to detail. We spare no attention to the most minimal detail of our apparel. From ease of entry, to armhole comfort, to pockets deep enough to fit your hand with your smartphone in it. 

We only use natural fabrics and dyes, like silk, wool, cotton, & rayon, because they are the most beautiful, come from renewable sources, and eventually, are biodegradable.



Our made-to-order pieces allow us to give you the private client treatment, no matter how far you are. We ask for your measurements and feedback and using that, make your garment, truly yours. Of course, good things take time, so because of this we request 3 weeks for delivery. Believe us, it's worth it!

Follow the story of the process that goes into making one of our pieces from concept to completion. This is how we create each and every one of our garments that feature our hand-painted textiles: With passion, patient dedication, conscience, and pain-staking attention to detail. 

Music: "Iroquois" by Cemeteries (Portland, OR)



Since as far back as she could remember, Eve Badia has been passionate about color, aesthetics, and style. She grew up making frequent trips to local fabric shops and learning about sewing from her grandmother. She formalized her fashion education at the renowned Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. She has a degree in Applied French from the Pennsylvania State University.  

In 2012, after noticing the void in high fashion craftsmanship available in to women in designer sportswear, Eve decided to teach herself to paint on silk as a way to create true artworks that could be worn.

Eve Badia, Designer & Textile Artist


Desiring to forge something akin to the European & Japanese high fashion houses, she decided to bring her vision to life by creating an apparel and soft accessories line consisting of one of a kind pieces made from her hand-painted textiles fashioned into wearable, modern, and flattering silhouettes. To top it off, many Atelier pieces are hand-embellished with Czech glass beading, natural fiber embroidery, and repurposed leather.

Blessed (and cursed) with an insatiable curiosity, Eve has continued her education to expand her expertise of fashion and textile manufacturing by researching closed-loop models of production, making textiles out of alternative/waste materials, minimizing environmental impact of textile and apparel manfacturing, and circular economy models applicable to the currently devastatingly unsustainable fashion industry.

Apparel and accessories that can proudly, and accurately, be labeled "American haute couture".


We like to employ local, independent artisans and contractors to assist us in our production & sample development of the Atelier line. Without the hard work of these self-starting individuals, our designs would merely be an intangible dream.

We are currently collaborating on all locally hand-crafted fashion jewelry collection with Not About Normal. Please proceed to Collections for more information.