The S1 - Black Customized Shirt


The S1 - Black Customized Shirt

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Women's essential elbow sleeve shirt

Black body with customizable details.

4 fabric choices.

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S1 in Handpersand

S1 in Handpersand

Elbow sleeves

Relaxed fit

Split peter pan roll collar

Wide button placket.

Beveled round acrylic button

Shirttail hem

4 simple steps to

a custom, made-to-order shirt:


1) Select your fabric

2) Determine your size

3) Choose your custom shirt details

This is your shirt: Designed by you and handcrafted for you.


Below are a few of the many possible combinations to guide you along the process.

4) Click Order This and Fill the form

Tell us your custom fit needs.
We are here to listen to your unique fit concerns and will do our damnedest to address them.


Some examples:
Always too tight, gaping at the bust.
Excessive Tightness/looseness at the upper arm
Fits well at chest but not the hips, or vice versa.
Too narrow/broad at the shoulders
Sleeves too short/long.
Tall, or petite.


That's it! In approximately 3-4* weeks, you'll have your custom-made shirt.

*Some customizations you may need, may take longer to adjust the pattern for you. If so, we'll tell you from the get-go. In case there are any unforseeable delays that arise, we will immediately give you the updated, new ETA.