Empirical Items added today-More to come...

Today, we started you off with the first 3 pieces of our collection of modern essentials. These clothes are like "not-so-basic basics".

By definition, the word 'empirical' describes something based on practical experience. It is a reference to the philosophy I employ in engineering the construction of garments to fit and enhance the contours of the body. This is the core principle I espouse when designing.

I also have learned empirically that if something fits great and makes you feel great; the confidence this elicits will actually make you look great.

No matter your body shape, if constructed with your curves in consideration, you CAN definitely wear flattering modern silhouettes. Our unique custom approach is intended to prove this tenet.

The benefits of a garment made to fit you are innumerable; satisfaction and comfort being the most prominent. The only caveat is that, you can't just grab clothes off the rack. If you are willing to invest the cost and patience, you have nothing to lose.

I am here to engage with you and be your guide to building a unique wardrobe that is created to flatter you, enhance your beauty, confidence, and visually reflect to the world who YOU are.

Please do not hesitate to comment, request items, express your fashion & style concerns, or anything else!

Thanks for reading and visiting! Without your support, this cannot exist. This is why I am selling these right now at wholesale prices without markup.

That is my thanks you. XO Eve