Blouse - “Ghost Dream”

Dir: Gusti Fink, Helmut Ash Kaway, Prod: $ANDBOXXX

Remember when the medium of the music video was in its nascent stages? Like a wittle baby 8-bit caterpillar wiggling about all pixelated, angular, and full of wonder. Then, it was a rigid formulaic pupa for a while… Then, it was a fluttering butterfly that mimicked a short film: bloated budget, movie stars, future film directors, and all. Then, shortly thereafter, it died. The memory of that caterpillar and all its imagination and promise lives in the minds of all of those who were inspired by it. This video for Ghost Dream exemplifies that. The echoing synths and the retro-3D computer animations conspire to make this a requiem for a music video. Did I mention it has a glazed donut hurtling through space? Yeah, I can totally get behind that.

If you’re digging Blouse, like I am, check out the Tiny Mixtapes Review.  Then, go tho their tumblr. Then, get the album from my label crush, Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks.

I’m being a big fat bossy pants today, aren’t I?