"Bulbform" - Trust

How am I just now finding out about this? Toronto’s synthgoodness outfit Trust is the product of the dynamic pairing of Maya Postepski and Robert Alfons. Thanks to a rare perusal at my last.fm recommendations yielded this discovery, which has made me very elated and dancey dancey. The video feature here for their single “Bulbform” is a literal montage of film negative footage of UFO’s, people dancing, people in a bathroom, a little P-in-P of what looks like judges on the original japanese Iron Chef, and what appear to be thai and arabic subtitles (?) on the letterboxing; an upside down timer and all filtered through betamax artifact. The music is synth, beats that don’t stop with sultry yet droney vocals like whispers in your ear in deafening loudness. If their music doesn’t make you wanna move, I think you need to get yourself checked out tout de suite. SRSLY.

The whole album TRST is superb and I so very highly recommend it. Do yourself a favor and Check it out here.

via ttrustt and Arts & Crafts vimeo