"Camino de Soda" - The Machine Room

Exuberance and new wave goodness comes our way from Edinburgh. Quite polished and reminiscent of moody dance post-punk tunes of Hacienda days, it has the perfect combination of elements to be an obvious post on Mv. The whole EP “Love From A Distance” is laden with these thumping drums, jangling reverberating guitars, clanging cowbells, and synth backgrounds. To be honest, I had a hard time choosing which one to share here. If you like this one, I urge you to go listen to "Your Head On The Floor Next Door" which is equally awesome.

They’re playing T In The Park this summer so i’m not alone in really digging their dramatic, engrossing sound. It’s certainly good UK-radio-friendly fare, meaning, it’s very US college radio and public radio friendly, because we all know that those are the only stations worth lending an ear to over here. That is me, shoving my opinions, in your face and what not.

They can haz a tumblr: http://themachineroom.tumblr.com