Company Pants Mixlet #2

A little over sixteen and a half minutes of all good songs, no filler. It runs the gamut of synthy beat-tacular (with a title that harkens a guilty pleasure) to earnest beauty to indiepop fun to garage punky. I know that you, like me, are always a-hunting for fresh new sounds, so here they are, neatly curated into a nice, succinct package. Magnifique, mes amis, non? Mixlet #1 was equally terrific and can be sought right here.

P.S. - We totally had a closet with slatted wood accordion doors that looked exactly like the ones in this photo, as well as, similarly colored seating furniture. It somewhat makes my childhood memories feel a smidgen less singular and idiosyncratic. Thought all of you really needed to know that.

Track list:

  1. Last Days Of 1984 / “River’s Edge” 
  2. Family Band / “Night Song” 
  3. Air Waves / “Horse Race” 
  4. Fergus & Geronimo / “Roman Tick” 
  5. Total Warr / “xxx HATE xxx” 

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