"Crystal Ball"Felt  (1984)

I was putting together an 'oh-crap-cannot-believe-it's-November-already' mood-themed/enhancing playlist, when suddenly I couldn’t decide what Felt song to select. After much consideration and a pumpkin cupcake, I could not rightly choose any but this one. This charming little number comes, of course, from the idiosyncratic Birmingham ensemble Felt. It’s off their awesomely-titled third album, The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories, produced by John Leckie. Crystal Ball is lively enough to keep your spirits up, but there’s a touch of that autumnal sense of longing in the guitars, punctuated by the vocals by Lawrence: "You seemed to think that there still was more. It’s that crystal ball. It knows me too well and I don’t know myself at all."