"Pale Spectre" - Wake (1987)

If you saw me tapping my toes/rocking the orange off of my seat on the train tonight (without headphones,) it’s because this song was playing in my head. Off of Factory Records # 178: Something that No One Else Could Bring, a great track that juxtaposes an infectious beat with creepy dark lyrics. One of the rare appearances of Carolyn Allen on vocals. If a ghastly ghoul came to my door and started talking to me, I wish I could react so friggin’ blasé and tell it to go shalalala itself when it asks me where the moon is because it has no eyes…

Wake @ NYC Popfest 2010

A shuddering vision appeared one day at the door of my house
Pale spectre and shadow, as if the nose was a hole in the sky
A shivering figure once dragged from the sea like a loathsome head
Undressing before me, then tearing its flesh with demented glee
Crept into the hallway, already at home on the carpet and walls
Unpacking a suitcase, pale spectre in spare room and under my feet
Now Jove he was half asleep for several hours that afternoon
This unwanted creature crawled into a corner crying “Where is the moon?”
Pale spectre and shadow cried “Where is the moon tonight? It is like an enormous light.’
And I replied
Heaven’ll help you out visitant, Heaven’ll help you out
Pale spectre and shadow said “Your tale is not quite right. It is just an outrageous lie.”
And I can’t deny
Pale spectre and shadow cried “Where is the moon tonight? It is like an enormous light.”
And I replied
I said sha la la la la

I’m reblogging myself because this is definitely a Halloween party song by virtue of the spooky lyrics. It’s also extraordinarily fun to bop around to! Sha la la la la…