Hypophora: How can you possibly follow up being in a legendary female punk group?

Anthypophora: By being in another equally amazing all-female post-punk band,  of course!

Case-in-point: Kate Corris, the original guitarist for British punk greats The Slits, and Ramona Carlier, from the magnificent swiss outfit KLEENEX/LiLiPUT, spent a couple of years (1979-1982) as part of the Mo-Dettes AKA (very, very early on) The Bomberettes. They only made one studio album, released by Deram, “The Story So Far.” Kate also went on to form part of The Raincoats, also, briefly. Give it an ear and you will recognize how much they influenced many pop-punk and riot grrl female acts in subsequent decades. Also, they were in my opinion the most uniquely and awesomely stylish. But, what do I know… Without further ado: Ramona, Jane, Kate, and June… THE MO-DETTES, their biggest single, in living color, in 1979!