"I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night" - Mitty Collier (1963)

This is an amazing r&b classic I first heard on Dusty Springfield’s Everything’s Coming Up Dusty, a nice album in its own right. Thanks to the goggles and the wackypedias, I was able to find out the original recording artist was Ms. Mitty Lene Collier, a gospel singer who eventually became a pastor. Collier had a couple of modest hits in 1963, but this song, a secular version of Rev. James Cleveland’s gospel song “I Had A Talk With God Last Night,” was definitely the one with which she was most associated. Upon learning this, I obviously had trouble with the replacing of 'God' with 'My Man,' but then I remember that those were indeed different times. Sort of. The song is so great, I can overlook that in order to enjoy it as thoroughly as it should be enjoyed. This version is less flowery and overproduced than Dusty’s cover, i.e. no violins, yes awesome organ, definitely preserves the devotion, passion, and thus, the SOUL of the original.