I Wanna Go Out by Teen Mom

I’ve had a love affair with this song since I first heard it earlier this year. There’s something palpably familiar about the sound, yet, the song rings new. It’s unlike any specific song I can recall loving before. Some folks don’t dig that, but I love it. In my work, I have come to value the art of taking something profusely recognized, deconstructing it, and reassembling it in a way that is fresh and keen, while retaining that referential quality. That shit is tougher than you think. I equally love this perfectly edited video someone made with footage from the French teenybopper drama, La Boum (1980). The synchronicity between the different part of the song and the corresponding emotional shots, it’s brilliant. If you ever wondered what I look like dancing to this, wonder no further. The moppy haired kid with headphones that starts dancing at 0:39 is my indie dance doppelgänger. Don’t believe me, ask anybody that’s been with me at a Mondo NYC party. It’s uncanny. I really do wish I go to a house disco party like that tonight.