"If You Need Me Back In Brooklyn" - River City Extension

I couldn’t think a more appropriate song to dedicate to all my beloved friends in the 5 boroughs of that great amazing, rotten, ol’ apple than this rousing ditty by River City Extension. Most importantly it evokes and encapsulates a sentiment that I have been feeling for the past year; one that arises from not being able to share those little moments that mean so much with the people who grow to be like family to you. Bittersweet longing, to put it mildly. I miss you, so much, my dear friends, you haven’t the slightest notion of the extent.

It starts out a bit on the Arcade Fire circa Neon Bible, but slowly evolves to incorporate the lovely folksy, brassy flavor that defines their sound. It’s less jaunty than “Something Salty, Something Sweet”, or, “Our New Intelligence”, off their first album, The Unmistakeable Man. Nonetheless, the verve and the spirit of those songs is still there but its more sophisticated and polished in the best way. It’s only fitting that this sounds at first like something that is very heavily reminiscent of The Boss, considering despite sounding like they come from some town that time forgot out West, the band hails from Tom’s River, New Jersey. (Requisite reference to a dichotomy that arises from stereotypes, CHECK!) Even though this is a departure from my usual tastes, I have to admit this song makes me rather excited to hear the rest of this album.

Free to download from RCRD LBL 

Here is a brief promo video for the upcoming LP “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger”