"American Guide Assignment #9 - Transportation: In the fog on I-94

Milwaukee to Chicago, Chicago to Milwaukee. Back and forth, back and forth. I have made the trip hundreds of times.  I-94 which is one of the northernmost, east/west interstates briefly heads in the north & south direction across the Illinois and Wisconsin state border.  It creates a very direct route for travel between Milwaukee and Chicago.  Out of all the times I have driven between the two cities, one time in particular stands out.  About a year and a half ago, on a Friday night, my family and I left Chicago to head north. A thick, “pea soup” kind of  fog covered the whole region.  Needing gas, we pulled off the highway at one of the exits for Kenosha, Wisconsin.  That night standing there, isolated by the fog and the darkness, I felt like this could have been any interstate side gas station/truck stop in the United States.  A country’s which backbone is built upon the highways and interstates like I-94 that cross this land. ”