My Favorite Albums & EPs of 2011

Like distant radio static from some galaxy that is so remote, it doesn’t exist presently, here’s some more End-of-the-Year-list white noise that is sure to fall on many deaf ears. Here is my selection of not necessarily the best (I hate grading things academically) but simply my favorites, the stuff I delighted in listening to all throughout 2011, in no particular order.
I feel i’m depositing my two proverbial cents in a realm so vastly saturated with loose change, they might as well be a grain of sand on a beach, or a star on the nocturnal firmament.

-Ricardo Villalobos, ‘Re: ECM’
-Corita, ‘Memento Mori’
-Veronica Falls, ‘Veronica Falls’
-Cults, ‘Cults’
-John Maus, ‘We Must Become the Pitiless Censors…’
-Big Troubles, ‘Romantic Comedy’
-Atlas Sound, ‘Parallax’
-Wooden Shijps, ‘West’
-Army Navy, ‘The Last Place’
-Craft Spells, ‘Idle Labor’
-Wavves, ‘Life Sux’
-Crawl Babies, ‘Tangles’
-Balkans, ‘Balkans’
-Radiohead, ‘King of Limbs’
-The Drums, ‘Portamento’
-Shabazz Palaces, ‘Black Up’
-Colin Stetson, ‘Those Who Didn’t Burn’, ‘New History Warfare, Vol. 2’
-PJ Harvey, ‘Let England Shake’
-Mazzy Star, ‘Common Burn/Lay Myself Down’
-Jim Guthrie, ‘Music from Sword & Sworcery EP’