New Monotonic FM by Hydroplane (1997)

I listened to this ambient gemscicle of an album obsessively back in 98-99. I vividly remember how much the import CD and the shipping turned out to be and how long it took to arrive. The corner of the jewel case chipped in transit, so it never closed properly. The album was so unbelievably wonderful and different that it made all of it matter naught.
I used to carry my discman and a few CDs in my bag so carelessly that almost all my most fave discs were scratched because of it. They skipped incessantly, and at all the best parts, it seemed. This is how many great albums got shattered and had to be replaced.
Hydroplane was no exception. That awful fate befell it, like so many fantastic others, before and after it. Unfortunately, it seemed almost impossible to replace. Luckily, I listened the shit out of it and it had a good run. I remembered and found the album today on Spotify. Because exponentially advancing technology does have some great benefits.

That was a banal story about how much things have changed but the music remains great, and a tether to another place and time.