Nothin’ but the best. A solid list in year virtually brimming with great tunes!



The last list consisted of the back half of my favorite fifty. Here we have the front half. As I stated in the last list, it is very difficult to rank or place any of these songs as they all found me at the right time this year. The top five tracks are as good as any song in any year. Hell, the same can be said for many of these songs. The top five here just happened to have found me at a particularly noteworthy part of the year. It could have been anything, I suppose, but luckily it was these songs. I tried to put the rest in some sort of order based on plays and time spent obsessing over them, but tomorrow the order could be drastically different - so, please just think of it all as a big collection of excellence. 

There was a lot to love this year. In fact, it was one of the strongest years for great songs in years. At least, in my opinion. So, the fact that any of these tracks are listed above dozens and dozens of others that didn’t make the cut, is something special. Hopefully, you’ll find something new and interesting and worthy of your time while reading the list. I will provide some commentary on the top five, but please take my word on the rest. You won’t be disappointed. Click on the track title for a soundcloud or bandcamp link. At the bottom is a Spotify playlist of every song that is available on Spotify. Enjoy. 


*STREAM the PMW Favorite Songs of 2013 (#25 - 1) via Spotify

There it is. My favorite songs of the year. If you’re still curious as to why I chose certain songs, feel free to ask and I’ll post a response. I didn’t want the post to run super long, but I have my reasons for each choice. I hope that you’ve enjoyed listening, and reading. I’ve enjoyed making it for you all. Please enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday season!