On Repeat: “Secret Surprise” - Joanna Gruesome

This may be the paradigm of exuberant garage perfection. It combines bright, vibrant soprano vocals with fuzzed out, driving, noise punk guitars. The redundant title re-emphasizes the fresh, irreverent attitude of their moniker (which is a hilarious play on the namesake of a harp-wielding, indie folk singer-songwriter.)

I don’t really want to continue labelling music as this genre or the other. Why? This song is a good example of the fact that, while the individual elements might be reminiscent of other things (namely things from the 90s,) it really is it’s own thing. Blame postmodernity for that, I suppose. Just hit play above and judge it for yourself. I will say, that if you dig Whirr, you’ll like this Welsh ensemble. I truly suggest you get their album, Weird Sister. It’s pretty rad burgers.