Rencontre d’Arles

I don’t even pretend to be halfway knowledgeable about photography as an artistic medium. I am (unfortunately) equally ignorant about its history, as well as, its exponents. In one of my timid strides to try to fix this, two years ago, I purchased a neat little book I found in the used art catalog section of The Strand. It was the compendium/guide for the 1996 installment of the Rencontre d’Arles, a yearly series of photography expositions and events that take place in the South of France. The book is filled with images that range from interestingly mundane to simply remarkable, historical and contemporary. From then on, I’ve been following the event and hope to one day attend. The 2010 events kick off tomorrow, July 3rd, hence, this post. This year, the special guest curator is Argentine sculptor and conceptual artist León Ferrari.  Some notable exhibits include some cool rock photography exhibits featuring London 70’s punk scene photography, “Shoot! Existential photography,” an exhibition of once filmmaker/mostly producer Marin Karmitz's personal photography collection, an extensive pictorial on the prison population, and, the second installment of reGeneration. I want to go to there real bad. Really…

For last year’s edition, T, the NY Times style magazine blog posted a nice slideshow accompanied by an ok article. The slideshow is definitely worth a look, though.

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