"Runaway" - Mr. Little Jeans
Dir: Zach Shields
Before actually listening to her smooth cover of “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire, I already knew I would like Mr. Little Jeans, aka Monica Birkenes. Anything named after a Kumar Pallana role in one of my favorite films automatically has my respect. That’s all it takes to earn it, people!
Although on paper she may have a lot in common with other cool synthpop girl outfits we are fortunate to have in our midst at the moment, Birkenes has an idiosyncratic allure, vocally and musically, indicating there is more beyond the surface.
The visuals of this video for this single off her upcoming album only reinforce said allure. If you have ever been unlucky enough to hear about my obscure absurd dreams, you will know that the short film unfolding before you above this is a tamer but nearly accurate representation of what goes on in one of them. You open your mouth to yell and nothing comes out. Still, the silent scream shatters the glass like a bullet. You open your eyes to find you are still in the darkness.
via Michael Dougherty’s Vimeo