Sonora by High Places (2011)

Dir: Keith Musil

I made a reference to this video while talking to an acquaintance who had an odd throbbing in his wrist this morning. Erroneously, I assumed it had been fairly popular when it came out. He looked at me quizzically as I unsuccessfully tried describing the reference. It was awkward, but it reminded me of how much I enjoyed the video to begin with. So, take a look, the seductive beats of the song itself are worth it. The nicely shot and offbeat vengeance tale are the proverbial icing on the musical yum cake. Also, I am 99% sure that’s Angus Andrew from Liars at the end. My facial recognition software is quite accurate, still I don’t like to lend certitude to things I just don’t know for sure, and can’t be bothered to re[net]search.