Symbolism is capital: A new blog

I finally got around to starting my pet project: a tumblr that is solely focused on Belgian Symbolism, with a bit of French symbolism thrown in for good measure. When I was in my senior year at Penn State, I took a great seminar on La Belle Époque taught by Prof. Willa Silverman. It was there that I got to know my way around the art of that era and especially Fernand Khnopff, who is possibly my favorite artist. Now, I’m that person that will bore your ears off at a party, blubbering about Belgian Symbolism and how amazing and influential it still remains. But seriously, I love it: that’s why I won’t shut up about it sometimes. Restraint can be difficult. I think that there’s a lot of people who would profess the same love, if they only knew more about it. I’m pretty sure of this.

The title is meant to be a play on "fuck yeah [subject]!" blogs, only because the art is from a specific time period, I figured the enthusiasm should be contemporary to the art (circa 1870s through 1914.) But, I like that it has the double-entendre that abstract, implicit metaphors can be a currency and have some extrinsic value. In my opinionation, if that were true, t’would be magnificent.

Please take a look, if you’re interested, and, share, if you like it. Also, go ahead and follow me in your RSS reader, Feedly, etc. Chuss!