Summer Vibes: Everyone by Tees (2015)

Full disclosure: this one is super catchy and will make you want to dance . Without feeling like a throwback, something about it makes me want to listen to some of the songs on Primal Scream's Screamadelica or Happy Mondays or Stone Roses or other madchestery acid house tinged tunes of the early 90s. The love-everyone-positive sunshiny lyrics contribute to that sentiment, I suppose. All I know for sure is I'm failing miserably at resisting the strong urge to hit repeat every time the song ends. Hashtag Infinite feedback loop. 


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Summer Vibes: REALiTi by Grimes (2015)

Obviously, the perfect song to herald Independence Day weekend In the good ol' U.S. of the A is a j-pop-tinged electroromp by a young, iconoclastic Canadian bedroom synth maven. Duh! Actually, we still have a ways to go before living up to the testament of the Declaration of Independence, but it's reaffirming to know that we are making progress towards ensuring that's not just a bunch of pretty words on paper, but an accurate description of how life is for all in this country.


Nothin’ but the best. A solid list in year virtually brimming with great tunes!



The last list consisted of the back half of my favorite fifty. Here we have the front half. As I stated in the last list, it is very difficult to rank or place any of these songs as they all found me at the right time this year. The top five tracks are as good as any song in any year. Hell, the same can be said for many of these songs. The top five here just happened to have found me at a particularly noteworthy part of the year. It could have been anything, I suppose, but luckily it was these songs. I tried to put the rest in some sort of order based on plays and time spent obsessing over them, but tomorrow the order could be drastically different - so, please just think of it all as a big collection of excellence. 

There was a lot to love this year. In fact, it was one of the strongest years for great songs in years. At least, in my opinion. So, the fact that any of these tracks are listed above dozens and dozens of others that didn’t make the cut, is something special. Hopefully, you’ll find something new and interesting and worthy of your time while reading the list. I will provide some commentary on the top five, but please take my word on the rest. You won’t be disappointed. Click on the track title for a soundcloud or bandcamp link. At the bottom is a Spotify playlist of every song that is available on Spotify. Enjoy. 


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There it is. My favorite songs of the year. If you’re still curious as to why I chose certain songs, feel free to ask and I’ll post a response. I didn’t want the post to run super long, but I have my reasons for each choice. I hope that you’ve enjoyed listening, and reading. I’ve enjoyed making it for you all. Please enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday season!



The long delayed songs list is finally here - well, half of it anyway. Compiling a list of my favorite songs of the year is easy. Boiling it down to a suitable number for sharing is not. I realized a long time ago that I’m not a music critic. I don’t pretend to be. Look all over Perfect|Midnight|World and you’re not going to find me taking a piss on anyone’s artistic endeavors. If something doesn’t strike me as particularly note-worthy, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad or unlistenable or anything, it just means that it’s not really for me, and in turn won’t fit with what I’m doing at this time. Of course, there are plenty more songs that do hit me in the sweet spot, that I never get the chance to post, simply out of time constraints or whatever. Here’s where I get to remedy that for some of the tracks that never got posted, or got buried under something more popular. Throughout the year, I keep a log of those songs and I regularly come back to them, and I fall in love with them and share them and live with them and find inspiration in them. Ranking them seems like a fool’s errand in most cases because it’s not a competition. I want this to be a celebration of wonderful music. So, this year I’ve broken the tracks into two groups - the first being the songs that I couldn’t shake and that helped shape my year. The second being these twenty five songs. No less important, and down the road could easily help shape another year in an impacting way. I hesitate to call these the runners up, because they’re more than that. I love each of these songs, and they deserve to be noticed. The next batch that I highlight might have scored more listens and stuck with me for whatever reason, but these tracks - the back half - certainly deserve their place as well. 

So, without further ado - here are some of my favorite songs of 2013. The back half of the favorite fifty. I won’t bother with individual explanations till the front half, just rest assured that each of these tracks are exceptional, and worth your time. Click on the track title for a soundcloud or bandcamp link. At the bottom is a Spotify playlist of every song that is available on Spotify. Enjoy. 

THE BACK HALF // Alphabetical

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There you go. Half way done with the favorite songs of the year. The next batch will be en route shortly, with more detailed explanations for being chosen. In the meantime, please enjoy this wonderful collection of music. I’ve enjoyed putting it together for everyone. Thanks for listening.