"Zoolookologie" by Jean Michel Jarré (1985)

I enjoy continually tracing back the things that have shaped my sensibilities. After all, your true identity is mostly the synthesis of your memories and your responses to the events in your life. So, tracing these steps backwards is a way to embrace what makes you, well, you. This fantastic nugget that is the video for Zoolookologie is just an exercise in that look backwards. This video encapsulates my conception of the reality of adulthood at age 4. This is what glamorous women wore, what TV graphics & video transitions looked like, and the electronic music that accompanied so many aspects of life. It’s full of objects I had in real life: the fisher price roller skates, the fluo green water pistol, the yellow mid heel pumps, & the fuchsia opera gloves.* It’s an long gone dream of what I anticipated to grow into. This dream has never departed me. It never will. Totally rad. Sunglasses drop. Wink. *Nota bene: Yes, I had this cool kids set that had these nice opera gloves, metallic swirl stole, several purses, little leather upper heels, & felt cap with a tulle net veil. All bright & child sized. I distinctly remember dancing to Stacy Q’s Two Of Hearts & New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle while donning the full get-up. It was adorably unsettling.