Empirical Items added today-More to come...

Today, we started you off with the first 3 pieces of our collection of modern essentials. These clothes are like "not-so-basic basics".

By definition, the word 'empirical' describes something based on practical experience. It is a reference to the philosophy I employ in engineering the construction of garments to fit and enhance the contours of the body. This is the core principle I espouse when designing.

I also have learned empirically that if something fits great and makes you feel great; the confidence this elicits will actually make you look great.

No matter your body shape, if constructed with your curves in consideration, you CAN definitely wear flattering modern silhouettes. Our unique custom approach is intended to prove this tenet.

The benefits of a garment made to fit you are innumerable; satisfaction and comfort being the most prominent. The only caveat is that, you can't just grab clothes off the rack. If you are willing to invest the cost and patience, you have nothing to lose.

I am here to engage with you and be your guide to building a unique wardrobe that is created to flatter you, enhance your beauty, confidence, and visually reflect to the world who YOU are.

Please do not hesitate to comment, request items, express your fashion & style concerns, or anything else!

Thanks for reading and visiting! Without your support, this cannot exist. This is why I am selling these right now at wholesale prices without markup.

That is my thanks you. XO Eve

Last notes on La Bourrasque

I have another theory on La Bourrasque and why the different versions but it’s not verified by any scholarly texts. It’s mainly stemming from conjecture and extensive reading of Paris-Bruxelles exhibition catalogues.
I believe that while in Bruges, Belgium, collaborating with Georges Rodenbach, the Belgian Symbolist author, Lévy-Dhurmer was heavily influenced by another master of the oil pastel, Bruges’ Fernand Khnopff (whose pastels of redheads bathed in orange tresses and light glow have been featured here extensively.) {N.B.: see http://symbolisme.tumblr.com/archive} Khnopff’s rousses or redheads, mostly modeled after his sister Marguerite, his muse of choice, feature many of the same traits as the later pastel Bourrasques. In fact, they go from the early ‘brunes femmes fatales’ or brunette deadly females to the impassioned, playful, and ethereal redheads in one year, which is a big shift. Overall, from this date forth there is a more perceivable lightness in Lévy-Dhurmer’s pastel work. And knowing how extensive the connection was between the Belgians and the Parisiens, particularly between the Symbolists, former Groupe des Vingt members (les XX), Rosicrucians & followers of occultist extraordinaire Josephin Péladan; it’s only natural to extrapolate that influences will occur. And I believe that this is one of those cases where the evidence of the influence/elucidation is the fact that the artist revisits the work to make it closer to the original conception of the theme. But I’m not much of a scholar; I’m merely an avid enthusiast. Also, I’m biased in that I have studied Khnopff more extensively than any other Symbolist because I am obsessed with his work and I still marvel at his technique and am haunted by so much of his imagery.

…Only, then, the esoteric ramblings of the Heliotropic Bludgeoner made perfect sense to us.

…Only, then, the esoteric ramblings of the Heliotropic Bludgeoner made perfect sense to us. by  Eve Badía

…Only, then, the esoteric ramblings of the Heliotropic Bludgeoner made perfect sense to us. by Eve Badía

DFW on loneliness resonates with the Tumblrites

Lonely people are usually lonely not because of hideous deformity or odor or obnoxiousness […] Lonely people tend, rather, to be lonely because they decline to bear the psychic costs of being around other humans. They are allergic to people. People affect them too strongly.
Lonely people at home still crave sights and scenes, company.
— David Foster Wallace, “E Unibus Pluram”, A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments. (via evebadia)

This post from October just exploded yesterday. It got almost 400 notes in 24 hours.

This totally hits a Tumblr nerve…
We live in a very lonesome time.

New Monotonic FM by Hydroplane (1997)

I listened to this ambient gemscicle of an album obsessively back in 98-99. I vividly remember how much the import CD and the shipping turned out to be and how long it took to arrive. The corner of the jewel case chipped in transit, so it never closed properly. The album was so unbelievably wonderful and different that it made all of it matter naught.
I used to carry my discman and a few CDs in my bag so carelessly that almost all my most fave discs were scratched because of it. They skipped incessantly, and at all the best parts, it seemed. This is how many great albums got shattered and had to be replaced.
Hydroplane was no exception. That awful fate befell it, like so many fantastic others, before and after it. Unfortunately, it seemed almost impossible to replace. Luckily, I listened the shit out of it and it had a good run. I remembered and found the album today on Spotify. Because exponentially advancing technology does have some great benefits.

That was a banal story about how much things have changed but the music remains great, and a tether to another place and time.

Disquietude: A Friday Afternoon playlist
A mélange of Music by Trust, Timber Timbre, Molly Nilsson, Forest Swords, Bishop Morocco, Dye, Future Islands, Jackson Scott, Angel Olsen, BULKk, Childish Gambino, Woods, Lust For Youth, Pure X, Courtney Barnett, Meishi Smile, et al. Even some Swedish vaporwave, because, why not!?

"It’s, like, yeeeaah… Wait, what was I saying??"

On them Sprotifys…